Paralympic Splash Quotes: August 29

by Allison Frederick | Aug 29, 2012
They said it first. Paralympic Splash Quotes: August 29
Dorian Weber, LTA4+

“This is obviously my first Paralympic Games, and I have to say I’m rather humbled by all the athletes that are here. Like a lot of people, I take a lot of things for granted and I feel that by coming here a lot of things I may have done in my life are put into perspective. The athletes here train exceedingly hard and work full-time jobs.”

“The dedication of these athletes is remarkable. The British public have been extremely helpful. There are volunteers everywhere. It’s accessible, and I haven’t had any problems.”

“The course is brilliant; it’s laid out well. They say they’ve sold 2.4 million tickets for the Games. There is going to be a big crowd. I’m looking forward to competing. I think it will be great fun.”

“I’m looking forward to out first race and seeing how it goes. The selection was done back in May, and then we had a training camp in California. It was a bit bumpy in the first couple of weeks, but then it started to meld together.”

“I haven’t done an international race. This is my first. We had the bow ball cups today for the practice starts, so that was a new experience for a geek like me. It was great. We don’t have to worry about getting blown everywhere.”

Rob Jones, TA2x

“They keep apologizing for the weather, but I like the weather, personally. I could do with a little less wind on the race course, but it’s very temperate. I don’t mind the spritzing of rain every now and then. I think it’s great.”

“The course is really nice. They have all kinds of gadgets out there – bubbles coming up at the finish line, the plastic holders for the bow balls at the start.”

Oksana Masters, TA2x

“London is living up to the name. Everyone is so nice, so eager to help.”

“We’ve been training in 100-degree weather, so this feels refreshing. We got to do a practice start next to Great Britain today. It almost doesn’t feel like (the Paralympics). It feels like a normal race.”
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