Paralympic Games Splash Quotes: Saturday, Sept. 1

by Allison Frederick | Sep 01, 2012
Paralympic Games Splash Quotes: Saturday, Sept. 1
Ron Harvey, ASM1x

“It was a solid race, I rowed as fast as I could. I am disappointed not to make it into the medals final. I went as fast as I could today, I just lost to some faster guys. I was keying off of Korea’s (Jun-Ha Park). He beat me by three or four seconds yesterday and I was figuring that I wanted to stick by him, then I could get him in the sprint. I just couldn’t quite keep up with the pace. I didn’t see the time, but it was probably a little slower than yesterday. There wasn’t as much of a tailwind.”

On the qualification process to progress to the A final: “I think in rowing, it needs the be the fastest of each race. You can’t base it on time; the conditions change.”

Rob Jones, TA2x

“Today, we weren’t concentrating on winning. We just wanted first or second place to preserve our energy. We definitely have less time to recover. It will be much harder. We need to make sure we are as fresh as possible for tomorrow, then try to catch the Chinese.”

Oksana Masters, TA2x

“I honestly thought that the Aussies were ahead right until the end.”

Alex Stein, LTA4+

“We have a lot of respect for the crews out here and what they are trying to do. We were focused on the goal today. This is what we’ve trained for and we’re just going to try to max out. That’s the only thing we can do tomorrow.”

Dorian Weber, LTA4+

“Rowing is a very transparent sport, in that, you get what you put in. I think my disability is so minor that it really only affects a small bit. My laziness and hate of ergos is what’s going to determine me losing to able-bodied athletes more than my fused ankles.”
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