USRowing Announces 2013 World Rowing Championships Roster

by Allison Frederick, | Aug 09, 2013
The 2013 U.S. National Team roster has been set, USRowing announced Friday. Twenty-seven crews will represent the United States at the 2013 World Rowing Championships scheduled for August 25-September 2 in Chungju, South Korea.
PRINCETON, N.J. – The 2013 U.S. National Team roster has been set, USRowing announced Friday. Twenty-seven crews will represent the United States at the 2013 World Rowing Championships scheduled for August 25-September 2 in Chungju, South Korea.

The United States will have crews competing in the men’s single sculls, women's single sculls, lightweight men's single sculls, lightweight women's single sculls, men's double sculls, women's double sculls, lightweight men's double sculls, lightweight women's double sculls, men's quadruple sculls, women's quadruple sculls, lightweight men's quadruple sculls, lightweight women's quadruple sculls, men's pair, women's pair, men's pair with coxswain, lightweight men's pair, men's four, women's four, lightweight men's four, men's eight, women's eight, lightweight men's eight, arms and shoulders men's single sculls, arms and shoulders women's single sculls, trunk and arms mixed double sculls, legs, trunk and arms mixed double sculls and legs, trunk and arms four with coxswain.

The 87-person roster includes 18 Olympians and four Paralympians.

United States crews are coming off of a historical performance at the 2013 Samsung World Rowing Cup #3 in July, where the U.S. women’s eight won gold and set a new world best time, men’s four and eight won gold, lightweight women’s double and women’s single won silver, and women’s pair and women’s double won bronze.

At the 2012 Olympic Games in London, the U.S. brought home three medals: gold in the women’s eight and bronze in the men’s four and women’s quadruple sculls.

For more information about the U.S. National Team or to request an interview, please contact Allison Frederick, USRowing Communications Manager at or (609) 751-0710.

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2013 Senior National Team Roster

Name Birthdate Ht. Wt. Hometown Affiliation

Men’s Single Sculls (M1x)
Stephen Whelpley 3/23/83 6’4” 205 Moquon, Wis. Craftsbury Sculling Center

Women’s Single Sculls (W1x)
Eleanor Logan 12/27/87 6’2” 175 Boothbay Harbor, Maine Lake Samish Training Center

Lightweight Men’s Single Sculls (LM1x)
Andrew Campbell, Jr. 2/2/92 5’10” 155 New Canaan, Conn. Cambridge Boat Club

Lightweight Women’s Single Sculls (LW1x)
Michelle Sechser 11/1/86 5’6” 127 Folsom, Calif. USRowing TC – Oklahoma City

Men’s Double Sculls (M2x)

John Graves (s) 3/26/88 6’0” 180 Cincinnati, Ohio Craftsbury Sculling Center
Benjamin Dann (b) 11/26/90 5’10” 185 Pound Ridge, N.Y. Craftsbury Sculling Center

Women’s Double Sculls (W2x)
Ellen Tomek (s) 5/1/84 5’10” 160 Flushing, Mich. USRowing TC – Princeton
Meghan O’Leary (b) 8/24/84 6’0” 165 Baton Rouge, La. USRowing TC – Princeton

Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls (LM2x)
Nicholas Trojan (s) 1/8/91 5’10” 154 Los Alamitos, Calif. Cambridge Boat Club
Austin Meyer (b) 6/23/90 5’11” 153 Cohoes, N.Y. Cambridge Boat Club

Lightweight Women’s Double Sculls (LW2x)
Kate Bertko (s) 11/8/83 5’9” 128 Oakland, Calif. USRowing TC – Oklahoma City
Kristin Hedstrom (b) 5/14/86 5’6” 123 Concord, Mass. California Rowing Club

Men’s Quadruple Sculls (M4x)
Derek Johnson (s) 6/10/88 6’2” 195 Hillsborough, Calif. California Rowing Club
Hans Struzyna (3) 3/31/89 6’3” 200 Kirkland, Wash. California Rowing Club
Andrew Gallagher (2) 5/25/89 6’6” 200 Phoenix, Ariz. California Rowing Club
Ryan Shelton (b) 6/25/86 6’7” 220 Wrightwood, Calif. California Rowing Club

Women’s Quadruple Sculls (W4x)
Megan Kalmoe (s) 8/21/83 5’10” 160 St. Croix Falls, Wis. USRowing TC – Princeton
Esther Lofgren (3) 2/28/85 6’2” 175 Newport Beach, Calif. USRowing TC – Princeton
Kara Kohler (2) 1/20/91 6’2” 180 Clayton, Calif. USRowing TC – Princeton
Susan Francia (1) 11/8/82 6’2” 175 Abington, Pa. USRowing TC – Princeton

Lightweight Men’s Quadruple Sculls (LM4x)
Andrew Quinn (s) 2/26/78 6’0” 160 Honeoye Falls, N.Y. Malta Boat Club
Colin Ethridge (3) 3/3/89 6’0” 154 Laytonsville, Md. Malta Boat Club
Dave Smith (2) 2/17/86 5’10” 156 Seattle, Wash. Malta Boat Club
Shane Madden (b) 10/12/79 5’8” 142 Ambler, Pa. Malta Boat Club

Lightweight Women’s Quadruple Sculls (LW4x)

Nancy Miles (s) 5/16/93 5’9” 130 Bainbridge Island, Wash. Seattle Rowing Center
Helen Tompkins (3) 1/2/88 5’10” 130 Friendswood, Texas Seattle Rowing Center
Hillary Saeger (2) 9/25/84 5’5” 125 Dedham, Mass. Riverside Boat Club
Rachel Stortvedt (1) 12/31/82 5’7” 121 Long Beach, Calif. Southern California Scullers

Men’s Pair (M2-)
Alex Karwoski (s) 9/16/90 6’4” 190 Hollis, N.H. USRowing TC – Princeton
Michael DiSanto (b) 12/10/89 6’1” 200 Boston, Mass. USRowing TC – Princeton

Women’s Pair (W2-)
Meghan Musnicki (s) 2/5/83 5’11” 175 Naples, N.Y. USRowing TC – Princeton
Taylor Goetzinger (b) 5/31/90 6’0” 189 Mt. Pleasant, Mich. USRowing TC – Princeton

Men’s Pair with Coxswain (M2+)

Stephen Young (c) 1/9/87 5’8” 119 Tampa, Fla. Penn A.C. Rowing Club
Matthew Wheeler (s) 5/2/87 6’9” 219 Eugene, Ore. Penn A.C. Rowing Club
Rob Munn (b) 7/26/90 6’4” 214 Redmond, Wash. Penn A.C. Rowing Club

Lightweight Men’s Pair (LM2-)
Frank Petrucci (s) 1/1/89 5’11” 155 Warwick, N.Y. New York Athletic Club
Greg Flood (b) 5/19/89 6’0” 155 Tulsa, Okla. New York Athletic Club

Men’s Four (M4-)
Michael Gennaro (s) 3/11/89 6’3” 185 Havertown, Pa. USRowing TC – Princeton
Henrik Rummel (3) 9/26/87 6’5” 208 Pittsford, N.Y. USRowing TC – Princeton
Seth Weil (2) 3/9/87 6’6” 215 Menlo Park, Calif. USRowing TC – Princeton
Grant James (b) 8/17/87 6’5” 195 DeKalb, Ill. USRowing TC – Princeton

Women’s Four (W4-)
Felice Mueller (s) 10/15/89 6’1” 155 Cleveland, Ohio USRowing TC – Princeton
Tessa Gobbo (3) 12/8/90 6’1” 180 Chesterfield, N.H. USRowing TC – Princeton
Olivia Coffey (2) 1/29/89 6’2” 170 Watkins Glen, N.Y. USRowing TC – Princeton
Emily Huelskamp (b) 1/17/87 6’2” 180 Sainte Genevieve, Mo. USRowing TC – Princeton

Lightweight Men’s Four (LM4-)
Robin Prendes (s) 12/13/88 6’1” 155 Miami, Fla. USRowing TC – Oklahoma City
Anthony Fahden (3) 2/27/86 5’11” 155 Lafayette, Calif. USRowing TC – Oklahoma City
Robert Duff (2) 10/9/87 6’3” 160 Huntingdon Valley, Pa. USRowing TC – Oklahoma City
Will Daly (b) 8/2/83 6’3” 160 Vail, Colo. USRowing TC – Oklahoma City

Men’s Eight (M8+)
Zach Vlahos (c) 8/19/88 5’9” 121 Piedmont, Calif. USRowing TC – Princeton
Thomas Peszek (8) 1/4/85 6’3” 200 Farmington Hills, Mich. USRowing TC – Princeton
Thomas Dethlefs (7) 5/6/90 6’6” 200 Lawrenceville, N.J. USRowing TC – Princeton
Steve Kasprzyk (6) 2/14/82 6’7” 215 Cinnaminson, N.J. USRowing TC – Princeton
Austin Hack (5) 5/17/92 6’8” 210 Old Lyme, Conn. USRowing TC – Princeton
Ambrose Puttmann (4) 3/9/90 6’4” 203 Cincinnati, Ohio USRowing TC – Princeton
Nareg Guregian (3) 1/20/89 6’5” 213 North Hills, Calif. USRowing TC – Princeton
Ross James (2) 8/17/87 6’5” 198 DeKalb, Ill. USRowing TC – Princeton
Ian Silveira (b) 11/6/90 6’3” 190 West Bloomfield, Mich. USRowing TC – Princeton

Women’s Eight (W8+)
Katelin Snyder (c) 6/16/87 5’4” 120 Detroit, Mich. USRowing TC – Princeton
Heidi Robbins (s) 7/3/91 6’2” 178 Hanover, N.H. USRowing TC – Princeton
Vicky Opitz (7) 6/5/88 5’11” 157 Middleton, Wis. USRowing TC – Princeton
Caroline Lind (6) 10/11/82 6’0” 175 Greensboro, N.C. USRowing TC – Princeton
Grace Luczak (5) 5/24/89 6’3” 165 Ann Arbor, Mich. USRowing TC – Princeton
Lauren Schmetterling (4) 8/3/88 5’11” 170 Moorestown, N.J. USRowing TC – Princeton
Emily Regan (3) 6/10/88 6’2” 185 Buffalo, N.Y. USRowing TC – Princeton
Kerry Simmonds (2) 4/3/89 6’0” 185 San Diego, Calif. USRowing TC – Princeton
Amanda Polk (b) 8/2/86 5’11” 175 Pittsburgh, Pa. USRowing TC – Princeton

Lightweight Men’s Eight (LM8+)
Michael Hwang (c) 11/21/91 5’6” 120 Seattle, Wash. Community Rowing, Inc.
Sean Gibel (8) 6/9/90 6’1” 154 Atlanta, Ga. Community Rowing, Inc.
Peter Gibson (7) 4/30/91 6’3” 160 Belmont, Mass. Community Rowing, Inc.
Josh Getz (6) 3/7/90 5’11” 154 Ann Arbor, Mich. Community Rowing, Inc.
Dorian Weber (5) 5/15/82 6’1” 160 Henley-on-Thames, UK Community Rowing, Inc.
Brendan Mulvey (4) 2/2/87 5’11” 150 Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Community Rowing, Inc.
Tobin McGee (3) 7/22/88 5’9” 150 Rye, N.Y. Community Rowing, Inc.
Bryan Pape (2) 4/17/86 6’5” 158 Simsbury, Conn. Community Rowing, Inc.
David Morgenstern (b) 5/6/89 5’11” 152 Simsbury, Conn. Community Rowing, Inc.

Men’s Arms and Shoulders Single Sculls

Daniel Ahr 6/10/77 5’8” 175 Mount Laurel, N.J. Medstar NRH Paralympic Sports Club

Women’s Arms and Shoulders Single Sculls
Dana Fink 12/26/87 5’3” 110 Washington, D.C. Capital Rowing Club

Trunk and Arms Mixed Double Sculls
Rob Jones (s) 9/7/85 5’11” 165 Lovettsville, Va. Louisville Adaptive Rowing Club
Oksana Masters (b) 6/19/89 5’8” 122 Buffalo, N.Y. Louisville Adaptive Rowing Club

Legs, Trunk and Arms Mixed Double Sculls
Natalie McCarthy (s) 3/15/87 5’3” 125 Seattle, Wash. USRowing TC – Oklahoma City
Paul Hurley (b) 2/19/86 6’4” 205 Washington, D.C. Anacostia Community Boathouse

Legs, Trunk and Arms Four with Coxswain
Jenny Sichel (c) 3/9/88 5’3” 110 Clifton, N.J. Passaic River Rowing
Andrew Johnson (4) 3/18/90 5’10” 150 Riverside, Conn. Norwalk River Rowing
Eric McDaniel (3) 5/18/83 6’3” 181 Weeki Wachee, Fla. Unaffiliated
Kathy Byington (2) 12/29/61 6’0” 155 Washington, D.C. Potomac Boat Club
Jaclyn Smith (b) 7/3/93 5’9” 150 Williston Park, N.Y. Sagamore Rowing Association

Coaches and Support Staff
Charley Butt, Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls
Andrew Campbell, Sr., Lightweight Men’s Single Sculls Coach
Matthew Collins, Team Physician
Carlos Dinares, Women’s Single Sculls Coach
Allison Frederick, USRowing Communications Manager
Timothy Hosea, Team Physician
Matthew Imes, USRowing Associate Director of High Performance
Jeremey Ivey, Lightweight Women’s Single Sculls, Men’s Pair Coach
Margaux Jackson, National Team Programs Manager
Patrick Johnson, Arms and Shoulders Men’s Single Sculls Coach
Curtis Jordan, USRowing Director of High Performance
Anne Kakela, Women’s Double Sculls Coach
Cameron Kiosoglous, Lightweight Men’s Four Coach
Laurel Korholz, Women’s Quadruple Sculls Coach
Bradley Lewis, Trunk and Arms Mixed Double Sculls Coach
Caitlin Mance, Para-Rowing Team Assistant
Lucas McGee, Men’s Eight Coach
Christopher McElroy, Lightweight Men’s Quadruple Sculls Coach
Deirdre McLoughlin, Team Physician
Ellen Minzner, Legs, Truck and Arms Mixed Four with Coxswain Coach
Edward Moran, USRowing Communications Coordinator
Bridgid Myers, Arms and Shoulders Women’s Single Sculls Coach
Wesley Ng, Team Assistant
Marc Nowak, Team Physician
Steve Perry, Legs, Truck and Arms Mixed Double Sculls Coach
John Riley, Men’s Pair with Coxswain Coach
Daniel Roock, Men’s Single Sculls, Men’s Double Sculls Coach
Liz Soutter, USRowing Assistant National Team Programs Manager
Bruce Smith, Lightweight Men’s Eight Coach
Bernhard Stomporowski, Lightweight Women’s Double Sculls, Men’s Quadruple Sculls Coach
Tom Terhaar, Women’s Eight, Women's Quadruple Sculls, Women’s Pair Coach
Bryan Volpenhein, Men’s Four Coach
Robert Weber, Women’s Four Coach
Mike Zimmer, Lightweight Men’s Pair Coach
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