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About America Rows

 Originally launched in 2010 as a diversity in rowing initiative, America Rows now has a mission to increase the opportunities in rowing highlighting its advantages for underrepresented youth, people with disabilities and people of all ages, socioeconomic circumstances and fitness levels. America Rows helps create these programs and provides resources for the programs to thrive.

In the diversity initiative, America Rows plays a major role in promoting healthy lifestyles for middle school students through the ‘Get Moving with America Rows’ program. Terrific work is being done by 40+ America Rows-affiliated rowing clubs across the country from Seattle and Los Angeles to Chicago, Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

Expanded adaptive rowing opportunities mean more disabled youth, injured service members, military veterans and individuals with mental and physical disabilities also are able to participate, bolstering the quality of their lives and those of their teammates and communities.

A growing number of Americans are learning to row both indoors on ergs and on the water. Hubs are active in 30+ markets across the country including Hamilton, Ohio; Hartford, Conn.; Louisville, Ky.; Tempe, Ariz.; Washington, D.C.; Miami, Fla.; San Francisco, Calif., and Philadelphia, Pa., the birthplace of adaptive rowing.

Through innovative America Rows affiliate programs across the country, youth diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, adults with Parkinson’s, and injured vets recovering from PTSD and other injuries are discovering a wide array of physical and mental benefits through rowing. America Rows is seeking partnerships with research and national nonprofit organizations to better understand rowing’s positive impact on people with disabilities.

Athletes with disabilities who want to compete at the elite level are able to participate in the development and selection process of the U.S. Para-Rowing National Team, which competes in the world championships and Paralympic Games.

America Rows recognizes that not every potential rower has a family or social network standing behind him or her, a school or community with a rowing program, access to a knowledgeable coach or trainer, or the financial resources to row. America Rows will work with organizations across the country, sharing best practices and supporting school and community rowing programs with equipment, training and access to resources.

This section will be updated regularly to provide tips and solutions to the many barriers of entry to the sport of rowing, including recruiting, funding, transportation and swimming.

To receive information on how your program can become an America Rows affiliate, please contact

Erg Ed™

In an effort to expand on that success, create better reach and develop a more streamlined program, USRowing joined forces with the George Pocock Rowing Foundation and its Erg Ed™ program in 2015 to launch a national partnership in two school districts during the 2015-16 school year. 

Let's teach every middle schooler in the country to row! 

Liberty Mutual Affinity ProgramUSRowing will donate all proceeds from its partnership with Liberty Mutual's Affinity program (you may qualify for USRowing member's exclusive discounts on auto and home insurance) to America Rows. Each policy sold through the Affinity partnership will help support the America Rows program, which seeks to increase opportunities in rowing for underrepresented youth, people with disabilities and people of all ages, socioeconomic circumstances and fitness levels.
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