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About Freedom Rows

USRowing is opening boathouse doors throughout the country to disabled veterans and members of the armed services. We're excited for them to Join Our Team and experience the full range of opportunities and benefits to be gained from recreational rowing at their VA sports facility or local club, to competing in the Paralympics.

The Grants for Adaptive Sports Programs for Disabled Veterans and Members of the Armed Forces (ASG Program) provides grant funding to organizations to increase and expand the quantity and quality of adaptive sport activities disabled veterans and members of the armed forces have to participate in physical activity within their home communities, as well as more advanced Paralympic and adaptive sport programs at the regional and national levels. Through the grant, USRowing will be partnering with VA rehabilitation hospitals and USRowing member organizations across the United States.

Primary Goals

  • Increase the number of disabled veterans participating and competing in adaptive and para-rowing categories. 
  • Provide expert training and technical assistance in adaptive rowing to VA adaptive sports program managers, community rowing coaches and instructors, and VA recreational therapists.
  • Provide outreach coordination, Paralympic classification of athletes, FISA-certified training of classifiers, adaptive rowing program development, adaptive rowing equipment, evaluation, and other activities related to the implementation and operation of the program.

 Freedom Rows at CRASH-Bs 2016

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Program Opportunities
Debbie Arenberg
(207) 850-0211

Sponsorship Opportunities
Kirsten Spittel
(412) 867-7877

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