Nutrition Features

  • Five Nutrition Rules to Kick Off a Great Season

    Aug 27, 2015
    As a new rowing season begins, many rowers want to reap the rewards of their training. While a lot goes into a great rowing season, getting nutrition right is one way that rowers can make the most of their performance and their season.
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  • The Magic {Nutrition} Bullet for Summer Rowing

    Jun 02, 2015
    Many rowers look forward to spring, summer and fall when they can be out on the water. But rowing outdoors, especially in the summer when the air is warm and the sun is hot, increases the risk for dehydration.
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  • Beat Fatigue for Good

    Apr 28, 2015
    Participating in a physically-demanding sport such as rowing, while keeping up with school demands and a social life may leave young rowers short on time and low on energy. As rowers get older, their schedule demands—and their life—grow, taking away time for rest, relaxation and thoughtful eating.
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  • Five Reasons the Young Rower Shouldn’t Drink an Energy Drink

    Mar 30, 2015
    Athletes use energy drinks to boost their energy before competition, rehydrate after a workout, improve attention and focus during school, “wake up,” or as a routine beverage at meals. Some just think it’s cool to drink energy drinks. Don’t be misled by something that sounds too good to be true—while an all-in-one drink is tempting, it carries some serious considerations for young athletes.
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  • Five Tips for Tackling Muscle Cramps

    Mar 01, 2015
    Up to 95 percent of the general population are affected by what is called exercise-associated muscle cramps (EAMC)—or muscle cramps that occur when exercising. A cramp is a muscle that has become contracted, or shortened. Not only do muscle cramps occur during exercise, they occur more frequently after exercise or competition.
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  • Ten Foods to Keep Rowers Healthy During Winter

    Jan 29, 2015
    Rowers can target certain nutrients to help boost the immune system, such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, B vitamins, selenium, zinc, probiotics, flavenoids, certain amino acids, and fiber. Some of these nutrients activate the immune system while others build it, defend it, or strengthen it. For a better chance at an illness-free winter, rowers can eat more of the following foods.
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  • Five Nutrition Resolutions Every Young Rower Should Make

    Jan 05, 2015
    The New Year has arrived, and many rowers and their parents have made resolutions. In fact, about 45% of Americans make a New Year’s resolution each year. Although only 8% will succeed at keeping their resolution, the attempt at self-improvement is almost always a good thing. Many resolutions focus on health, including eating better, cooking more, getting more exercise, or losing weight.
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  • Three Ways to Fight Fatigue

    Nov 28, 2014
    Any young athlete can become fatigued, especially when he trains in a grueling sport such as rowing. Fatigue is physical tiredness accompanied by difficulty concentrating, anxiety, a gradual decrease in stamina, difficulty sleeping, and sensitivity to light, according to researcher, Dr. Karin Olson.
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  • How to Get Young Rowers to Eat for Sport

    Oct 28, 2014
    Parents and coaches want their rowers to feel good, eat well and perform to their best ability. But that’s not always easy to accomplish when you’re dealing with hungry, growing bodies, different food preferences and food temptations around every corner.
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  • Load Up or Level Out? Carbohydrate Loading for the Young Rower

    Sep 29, 2014
    It’s the night before a big regatta, and the rowing team is deciding what to eat. Should they head to the local Italian restaurant for a big plate of pasta, or should they eat a normal meal?
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