2016 USRowing Youth National Championships Blog


Belen Jesuit's "The Great Eight"

Jun 15, 2016

The Great Eight

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Stand tall my brothers,
The water's still and the wind is dead
And our day at last has come
These are the moments of which great things are said
About boats and boys, from fathers to their sons

Sit ready my brothers,
Lock your oars and dip the blades
Our battle has begun
We row for each other, not accolades
Our nine hearts beat as one

Hold on my brothers,
Though the dry air
May set your lungs aflame,
When you are old you will not care
For gold pays for pain

Let loose my brothers,
Send your oars flying
Our destiny grows near
Hear the thunderous roar of the crowd's crying
And know that the final sprint is here 

Let go my brothers, we have survived
Our final race is done
Eight dead men have never been so alive
For the prize we'd sought is won 

By Daniel Brennan
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