10. Training



1) FISA Coach: Planning and Organizing General Fitness Training for Rowers

2) Training Program

3) Current Year’s: National Team Coaches Training Schedule

4) USRowing Club Training Program

5) The Big Picture: Training for Peak Performance

6) Literature Review: Explosive Exercise and Training

7) Training the Olympic Athlete

8) Buschbacher’s Training Ideas- Convention 1996

9) US National Team Training Schedule: April 1998 Buschbacher, Grinko, and Teti

10) Sample Workout Menu: Gavin White

11) Making the Transition Back to the Water


1) Resistance Training for Rowing

2) Speed-Power Training

3) FISA Coach: Heart Rate and Lactate during Endurance Training Programs in Rowing and its Relation To the Duration of Exercise by Top Elite Rowers.

4) Metabolic Adaptations to Endurance Training in Older Individuals

5) Slow Force Recovery after Long-duration Exercise: Metabolic and Activation Factors in Muscle Fatigue

6) Concurrent Strength and Endurance Training of Elbow Extensors

7) Flexibility and the Conditioning Program

8) Warm-Up, Warm-down

9) A Conceptual Framework for Planning Imagery Training

10) FISA Coach: Training in High Altitude from 1800 to 2000 meters

11) FISA Coach: Training in Hypoxia

12) Effects of Supplementary Hypoxic Training on Physiological Characteristics and Ergometer

13) Performance of Elite Rowers

14) Honing in on High Performance

15) Training the Energy System

16) Stretching Techniques

17) Everything a Rower Needs to Know About Stretching


1) Determining Factors of Strength- Part 1

2) Determining Factors of Strength- Part 2

3) Weight Training Guide for Fitness and Sports

4) You Can Learn a lot from a Dumbbell

5) Technique for Barbell Clean


1) Teaching the Double Knee Bend Technique

2) Common Technique Errors in the Back Squat

3) Coaching Considerations for the Barbell Squat- Part II


1) The Effect of Velocity-specific Strength Training on Peak Torque and Anaerobic Rowing Power

2) Effects of High Volume Weight Training on Lactate, Heart Rate and Perceived Exertion


1) The Off-Season Season

2) Cross Country Cure

3) Cross Training: Heart Rate, Workout Intensity, Running and Cycling

4) The Ultimate Indoor Workout

5) Taming the Erg

6) Ergometer Survival

7) Ergometer Initiation

8) USRowing Ergometer Splits

9) Erging Tips: Golf Anyone?


1) Small Boat Training


1) Training for Masters Competition

2) MastersSports: Pumping Iron for PRs


1) A Comparison of Traditional and non-Traditional Off-Season Training Methods on Performance of Elite Male and Female Athletes

2) FISA Coach: Analysis of the Italian National Training Program for Rowing

3) USRowing Annual Convention: Analysis of the Italian National Training Program for Rowing


1) Blood Lactate Measurement in Recovery as an Adjunct to Training

2) Aerobic Characteristics, Oxygen Debt and Blood Lactate in Speed Endurance Athletes during Training

3) Individual Anaerobic Threshold and Maximum Lactate Steady State

4) AT- Some Practical Applications


1) Accumulated Oxygen Deficit during Intense Exercise and Muscle Characteristics of Elite Athletes

2) No Evidence of Oxidant Stress during High-intensity Rowing Training

3) Effects of Training on Muscle Oxygen Transport at VO2 max


1) Jets, Jet Lag, and Sleep: Effects on the Travelling Athlete

2) How to Beat Jet Lag

3) Effects of Jet Lag on Factors Related to Sport Performance

Convention 2000

10 '00) Core Strength

Convention 2001

10 '01) Strength Training for Rowers

10 '01) Strong Dynamic Lifting and Joint-Friendly Conditioning: David Chiu 

Additional Training Articles

Stretching Tips

Dehydration - Handling the Heat

Taper Strategies for the Racing Season

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