2011 USRowing Development Camp Host Application


In effort to develop elite rowing talent in the United States, USRowing is continuing to endorse sanctioned camps across the country for potential candidates for the national team level of competition. 

USRowing is implementing two new policies for 2011 development camps. First, USRowing will act as a clearinghouse for the collection of camp fees. There will be a charge of $60 per athlete in addition to the cost of the camp. Second, USRowing will collect and approve the applications for all athletes who attend development camps.

Interested programs should compile and submit to USRowing a detailed proposal containing the following information as soon as possible, but no later than March 23, 2011:

  • Name of host club/institution and location (include address)
  • Contact information: name, address, phone, fax, e-mail for interested athletes to contact you about your program offerings
  • Rowing disciplines offered (men/women, lightweight/open, sweep/scull)
  • Dates of summer rowing program
  • Cost of summer rowing program (describe what is covered and what costs are the responsibility of the participant)
  • Camp objective
  • Names of all coaching staff involved with camp program
  • Competitions scheduled for summer rowing program (include U23 trials if applicable)
  • Training schedule (number of water workouts/week; number of land workouts/week)
  • Qualification criteria (minimum ergometer score, coxswain requirements)
  • Complete budget for camp program
  • Brief summary of camp that will be posted on the USRowing website to describe camp offerings to interested athletes
  • Date athlete applications are available and due. USRowing will review applicants with the head coach and applicants will be notified if they have been accepted or rejected by May 15.

Camps should have a clear objective in their proposal on how their camp will help develop new talent for the under 23 and senior national teams. These camps should prioritize small boats and sculling, and the training should focus on mileage and building aerobic base.

Please note the following requirements of all USRowing Development Camps:

  • All programs must be organizational members of USRowing
  • All programs must purchase the USRowing development camp title
  • All camp participants must be individual members of USRowing
  • All camp participants must sign USRowing waivers prior to camp participation
  • All camps must provide proof of liability insurance (if not insured through USRowing)
  • All participants must be U.S. citizens or in the process of applying for citizenship
  • 60% of all slots in the development camp must be held until May 15 for individuals unaffiliated with the educational institution that is hosting the camp   
  • Every athlete should do the following erg tests at least once during camp: peak, one minute (women)/500m (men), 6000m or 30 minutes. There are specific test protocols for each and will be sent to approved camps.
  • USRowing will ask that each head coach file a concise report with USRowing within two weeks of the end of camp with information on each participant including accurate height, weight, erg scores and an evaluation of performance on the water.

The cost of the USRowing camp title is $400. All funds will go through USRowing and a charge of $60 per athlete will be collected (in addition to the actual cost of the camp). Camps will also have the opportunity to purchase liability insurance through USRowing for an additional $250. If they choose not to, they must present a copy of their valid insurance policy. The insurance certificate available through USRowing does NOT cover equipment. Equipment insurance is the responsibility of the camp host.

All proposals should be e-mailed to margaux@usrowing.org, faxed to (609) 924-1578, or mailed to the following address by March 23, 2011:  

USRowing, Attn: Margaux Jackson
2 Wall Street
Princeton, NJ 08540

Applications will be reviewed and camps will be notified by April 1, 2011 if their program has been accepted. Camps will be announced on the USRowing website shortly thereafter.

Questions? Email margaux@usrowing.org.

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