USA Para-Rowing Classification Information


Opportunities for adaptive rowers who have a verifiable physical impairment or visual impairment may become classified for their specific sport group. Classification takes place on Day 2 of the Classifier Workshops. The classification process takes approximately 45 minutes and pre-registration is required to participate. Please open the link below to download the forms required to become classified. Some of the forms may require medical documentation so please be sure to review and complete the forms prior to attending the classification session.

Athlete Classification Form

  • March 3, 2015: Sarasota, FL
  • May 29, 2015: Coast Guard Island, Alameda, CA
  • November 15, 2015: RowNewYork Office, Long Island City, NY 

A classification panel consists of one medical and one technical classifier. A list of approved classifiers can be found in this section. Any rower who has received a classification status internationally or in the USA is also listed in this section. 

The FISA Classification Regulations and required paperwork can be found on the FISA website under "Para-Rowing Regulations and Documents." Event-specific classification regulations and deadlines can be found in the Event Bulletin of that particular regatta. 

For FISA classification questions, please contact the FISA Head Classifier and USA Classification Coordinator, Judy Morrison, at

Para-Rowing Sport Classes
LTA  - PD, VI and ID (Leg, Trunk and Arm - Physical Disability, Visual Impairment and Intellectual Disability)
TA (Trunk and Arms)
AS (Arms and Shoulders)
The USA recognizes the following sport class statuses:
New Status: (USA-N)
A sport class status of “USA-N” shall be allocated to a rower who has filled out the appropriate classification documentation and had it signed by a PT or MD and sent to the US Classification Organizer Sandy Brown for approval, OR someone who has been classified by only one Official Classifier and not a panel. The status of USA-N will enable a rower to compete for 6-months, after which they would need to get classified by a Classification panel to continue racing.
Review Status: (USA-R)
A sport class status of “USA-R”  shall be allocated to a rower classified by a Classification Panel if the Panel deems the rower’s sport classification could change (due to a particular disability, medical factors, or because of the lack of rowing experience). Rowers with an “USA-R” will be required to undergo further classification as specified by the classification panel.
Confirmed Status: (USA-C)
A sport class status of “USA-C”  shall be allocated to a rower by a Classification Panel consisting of a medical and a technical classifier when the panel confirms that the athletes classification will not change. A rower with “USA-C” status is confirmed to compete in their designated class at any regatta held in the USA.
All rowers that receive a USA designation must be classified by an International Classification Panel to compete at a FISA, Paralympic or International events.
If a para-rower enters a regatta and does not have a classification status, the LOC may default him or her from the final results of the race. There will be no protests over any rowers sport class designation during a U.S. Regatta. However, a protest can be brought if there is a rower entered who is not listed as classified on the USRowing website.
If you are an athlete who would like to get classified for a competition or if you are a race coordinator who would like to have rowers classified for your race day, please check the above list of Classifiers. Please keep in mind that a rower must be classified by a panel of one medical and one technical classifier. If you have questions regarding classifications for Para-Rowing in the USA, please contact the FISA Head Classifier and USA Classification Cooridnator, Judy Morrison, at
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