2016 Rules of Rowing Proposed Changes - Comment Period Now Open

by John Wik | Oct 01, 2015
Each year, USRowing and the referee committee receive proposals for modifying the USRowing Rules of Rowing. These are to be submitted following the format found in the front of the rule book. 

The proposed rule changes for 2016 have been organized to follow the numbered rule sections found in the Rules of Rowing. They are presented as written by the individual who submitted the change, with minimal editing. The name of the individual proposing the change is included in parenthesis after the rule section and title [eg. Rule 2-305 Start (Meisner)].

Comments on the proposed rule changes will be accepted by the referee committee during the month of October. The comment period will close on October 31, 2015.  Please direct any comments to the Director of Referee Programs.

2016 Proposed Changes to the Rules of Rowing

John Wik
Director of Referee Programs
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