Twenty Years of Dad Vail Leadership

by USRowing video by Ed Moran, | Jan 14, 2016
Philadelphia’s Jack Galloway has been a fixture on Boathouse Row for over the past 50 years. He spent his youth rowing on the Schuylkill River and he rowed and graduated from LaSalle University where he was a Dad Vail champion.
A fixture on Boathouse Row for the past 50 years, Philadelphia’s Jack Galloway spent his youth rowing on the Schuylkill River, having rowed and graduated from La Salle University where he was a Dad Vail Regatta champion.

In time, Galloway became the secretary of “Vail” and after two years in the position, he became chairman for the storied event and has held the position for the last 20 years. Under his leadership, the regatta saw both good years and difficult times. But through it all, Galloway headed the effort to keep the regatta alive, moving forward and eventually doubling its size.

“The event became bigger and bigger,” Galloway said. “When you doubled the size of the regatta, it means instead of eight events, you have sixteen. And that eventually grew, and we have 19 events now."

With the increase in the size of the event, the cost for running it became an issue for the city. “The Vail essentially began to have hard negotiations with the city with a whole series of mayors of Philadelphia.”

The regatta was almost moved at one point, but a solution was reached and sponsors were brought in and the event now includes not only U.S. colleges, but has an international component and is televised live.

Listen to a history of the regatta during the Galloway’s continued leadership during an interview with him at the 2015 USRowing Annual Convention where Galloway was awarded the John J. Carlin Service Award for his contribution to the sport.

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