Five Things You Don’t Know About Me: Katelin Snyder

by Allison Frederick Müller, | Feb 16, 2016
How well do you know Katelin Snyder, the Rio hopeful vying for the coxswain spot in the two-time defending Olympic champion U.S. women's eight? Here are five fun facts to get you started.


1. I have a mad rock collection that I am saving up to tumble (you need a garage to run a rock tumbler because it has to stay on for 30 days!)

2. I got into Teach For America and was going to teach high school math in Memphis, Tenn., but instead moved to Princeton to try out for the U.S. National Team.

3. I was a History major and have a passion for American and Modern European History. 

4. I have driven across the country coast-to-coast four times. 

5. I played French Horn in middle school band. I was last chair, but my dad said I was first chair, since I was first from the end.

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