Row to Rio: Rob Munn

by Sarah Marshall, | Mar 29, 2016
After a stunning performance at the 2016 National Selection Regatta I in Chula Vista, California, Rob Munn sat down to talk about the victory, the Washington Huskies and his Row to Rio.

In one of the most stunning finishes of the day, Rob Munn and Mike DiSanto moved into first place in a mad sprint through the red buoys to win the men's pair final at the 2016 National Selection Regatta I in Chula Vista, California. Now, back at the USRowing Training Center - Princeton, the three-time senior national team member, Rob Munn, sat down to talk about the emotional event. 

You and Mike DiSanto were pretty pumped to win the men’s pair at the1O2A1102 National Selection Regatta last week in Chula Vista – what went through your mind as you crossed the finish line?
I basically just thought back to the work that we had put into the boat over the last couple of months together. We both felt there was potential to get a good result at the NSR, and we set a plan to achieve that. We stayed committed to that plan the entire week and managed to get the win. It’s an exhilarating feeling.

The two of you seem to have good chemistry, how do you feel being in the pair together?
Rowing the pair with Mike has been one of the greatest experiences in my rowing career to date. We both brought a similar edge and attitude to every workout in the boat; whether it was racing or practice. When you have an atmosphere like that in any boat that you’re in, the hunger to improve can be contagious. Our strengths also play off of each other very well.

You are both very proud of your alma maters, you a University Washington Husky and Mike rowed for Harvard University. Talk a little about where you came from and how it made you the rower you are today.
Washington is a program that is successful because of the effort and excitement every oarsman puts into it. The competition was so fierce when I was there that you had to bring your A game to whatever the workout was in order to earn your spot on the team. If you did not perform, someone else would be there to replace you.

This taught me how to bring a consistent work ethic to everything I do, but also taught resilience when facing adversity. The Washington rowing program was and always will be my second family.

What's the next focus for you?
Like anything else, the next focus is and always will be improvement. David Banks was a guy that I got to train with for the first couple years on the national team. He always said that the goal is always to get a little bit better every day in some aspect of your rowing. That’s something I’ve tried to emulate ever since.

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