California Takes the Top – Barry and Bates Hold in USRowing/CRCA Week Five Poll

by Ed Moran, Bates College photo by Connor Cahill. | Apr 20, 2016
A full weekend of racing for NCAA women’s crews has moved the rankings around in Division I in the fifth week of the USRowing/Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association Division I, II and III Polls presented by Pocock Racing Shells.
calPRINCETON, N.J.  – A full weekend of racing for NCAA women’s crews has moved the rankings around in Division I in the fifth week of the USRowing/Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association Division I, II and III Polls presented by Pocock Racing Shells.

At the top of the charts in the DI poll, the University of California leap-frogged over Brown University for first place after victories in 11 races against ranked competition at the Lake Natoma Invitation last weekend, co-hosted by Cal and Sacramento State University.

Racing against four other top 20 teams, Cal and Brown shined, but switched places in the national ranking. Cal finished the polling with 21 first-place votes. Brown had one first-place vote and The Ohio State University had three first-place votes and finished third in the poll.

ohioOhio State also had a strong weekend of racing at the Clemson Invitational at Clemson University. Ohio State was named the Big Ten Boat of the Week after going undefeated at Clemson. The University of Virginia and Stanford University rounded out the top five for DI.

In the DII poll, Barry University held its place at the top of the list and took all five first-place votes. Barry did not race this past weekend, but will return to action Saturday, April 29, at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, Fla., in the Sunshine State Conference Championship.

Western Washington University was ranked second, and the University of Central Oklahoma was third, while Florida Institute of Technology and Mercyhurst University were fourth and fifth.

BatesBates College continued its number-one level performance with a home course sweep at the President's Cup on Sunday on the Androscoggin River in Greene, Maine, defeating every boat from Colby College and Bowdoin College in five different races.

Bates had 10 first-place votes to finish first in the polling, while Williams College finished second and Wellesley College ranked third. Wesleyan University and Trinity College round out the top five.

Women’s NCAA Division I Team Rankings
Team (1st-Place Votes), Total Votes, Previous Week Ranking
1. University of California (21), 481, 2
2. Brown University (1), 442, 1
3. The Ohio State University (3), 427, 4
4. University of Virginia, 415, 3
5. Stanford University, 364, 7
6. Yale University, 359, 5
7. University of Washington, 344, 6
8. University of Texas, 327, 8
9. Princeton University, 317, 9
10. University of Michigan, 305, 10
11. University of Wisconsin, 260, 12
12. University of Southern California, 233, 11
13. Washington State University, 179, 14
14. Indiana University, 138, 13
15. Gonzaga University, 120, 15
16. Syracuse University, 114, 19
17. University of Notre Dame, 109, 18
18. Harvard-Radcliffe University, 86, 17
19. University of Iowa, 62, 16
20. University of California, Los Angeles, 54, NR

Others Receiving Votes in Alphabetical Order: Duke University, University of Louisville, University of Minnesota, University of Oklahoma, University of San Diego.

Women’s NCAA Division II Team Rankings
Team (1st-Place Votes), Points, Previous Week Ranking 

1. Barry University (5), 200, 1
2. Western Washington University, 126, 6
3. University of Central Oklahoma, 116, 2
4. Florida Institute of Technology, 104, 3
5. Mercyhurst University, 100, 4
6. Nova Southeastern University, 92, 5
7. Humboldt State University, 67, 7
8. University of California San Diego, 59, 8
Others Receiving Votes: Merrimack College (24), Philadelphia University (10), Franklin Pierce University (2).  

Women’s NCAA Division III Team Rankings
Team (1st-Place Votes), Points, Previous Week Ranking
1. Bates College (10), 150, 1
2. Williams College, 132, 4
3. Wellesley College, 126, 3
4. Wesleyan University, 123, 2
5. Trinity College, 108, 6
6. Ithaca College, 107, 5
7. Tufts University, 86, 7t
8. Rochester Institute of Technology, 75, 7t
9. Colby College, 69, 9
10t. Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), 48, 10
10t. Pacific Lutheran University, 48, 11
12. William Smith College, 31, 15
13. Simmons College, 24, 13
14. Lewis and Clark College, 21, 14
15. Franklin & Marshall College, 20, NR
Others Receiving Votes: Hamilton College (11), University of Rochester (7), University of Puget Sound (6), Washington College (5), United States Coast Guard Academy (2), Marietta College (1).

Click here for past poll results.

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