Celebrate Coxswain Appreciation Week May 1-7, 2016

by Sarah Marshall, | Apr 25, 2016
Coxswain Appreciation Week 2016 kicks off during the first week of May - check out how to give your coxswain some recognition for all of their hard work!

Coxswains. Where would we be without them?

Probably lost on our way to the dock or wandering around a regatta site barefoot because we have no idea where our shoes are... Small tasks aside, these athletes make a huge impact on our performance as rowers, and deserve some recognition for it!

In honor of coxswains across the country, from novice to elite, join USRowing for the third-annual Coxswain Appreciation Week, May 1-7, 2016. Peter Cipollone, 2004 Olympic gold medalist and Mary Whipple, 2008 and 2012 Olympic gold-medalist, are honorary chairs.

“For most rowers, coxswains play an integral role during our first learn-to-row strokes,” said Partnership Marketing Manager, Kirsten Spittel. “They’re also an important mediator between rowers and coaches, translating instructions into meaningful movements on the water. USRowing is excited to shine the national spotlight on coxswains for the third year in a row and celebrate a key player in our sport.”

"Each year gets better and better,” said Mary Whipple. “I noticed that teams were voluntarily extending their appreciation throughout the year. Bobbie McKenna really created a movement that the rowing community grasped onto and made coxswain appreciation week their own tradition.”

“Coxswains are an agent of change, and this week serves as a great opportunity to validate them for it.”

Getting involved

Want to give your coxswain a nod during Coxswain Appreciation Week? It’s easy!

Like and follow USRowing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Tag your photos and messages with #CoxieAppreciation. Winners will be selected from messages posted May 1-7.

Looking for some inspiration? Take note of these topics or get creative with your own way of showing just how important your coxswain is to you and your crew.

  • Coxswain toss picture
  • Story of how a coxswain made the win
  • Surprise your coxswains with a creative sign/ thank you note to hang in your boathouse
  • Relive a moment where you witnessed your coxswain master a tough move or a hard situation

Winners will be announced May 9.

Considered one of the founding mothers of women's crew at Brown University, coxswain Marcia Hooper now considers herself a masters rower, competing at the last three Head of the Charles Regatta. The essence of Coxswain Appreciation Week is something that she finds highly important.

"All rowers have this desire to know just how good they are," said Hooper. "As a coxswain, you need to be able to tell them when they aren't rowing well. Your job is  equal parts therapist, coach and athlete but to tell your fellow athletes who are giving it all that something isn't right, to be honest with them, that takes an authentic person."

Take some time this week and give some kudos to the coxswain in your shell. 

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