Training for May and June for High School and College Rowers

by Kris Korzeniowski, | Apr 26, 2016
May and June are months that are full with regattas and the impending excitement of championship season, as we get closer to the summer months. Is your crew ready for its final race?

May and the beginning June are months that are full of excitement and racing as crews get closer to their championship schedule in the next months.

For fast boats, the best piece of advice would be to refrain from high intensity workoutsDSC_7526 and shift into rows that are more in touch with aerobic base work. Coaches should be on the lookout for efficiency at a medium cadence before returning to high intensity right before the championship race.

For boats that still have some significant catching up to do, coaches should continue to run a well-balanced program with workouts that use the whole range of cadence: low – U1 workouts, medium – AT workouts and high – TR workouts. The cadence will control intensity, stress quality and efficiency (splits) at every stroke rate. 

See an example of this type of program below. 


For boats that have two weeks to prepare for their championships, the suggested approach is:

  • Two weeks from championships: Workouts should be made up of super compensation. This means working much harder than usual, having a few workouts at the race pace intensity and above.
  • One week from championships: Begin your taper, workouts should be easy with plenty of rest before racing.

This overload with high intensity followed by the rest  creates  a jump in the performance of the athletes. Do not be afraid to do it—it really works!

Below are examples of training programs with super compensation for the last two weeks before the championships.


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