Appreciation Abounds in 3rd Annual Coxswain Celebration

by Kirsten Spittel | May 10, 2016
USRowing put out the call for its annual social media campaign #CoxieAppreciation last week. And was that call ever answered.

Submitting over 500 photos and stories, the USRowing community showed overwhelming support for its coxswains. Peter Cipollone, 2004 Olympic gold medalist and Mary Whipple, 2008 and 2012 Olympic gold-medalist, chaired the selection process.

“The coxswain seat can get overlooked, especially because they’re not literally moving the boat,” says Whipple. “Thanks to social media, now we can see all of the work and dedication that goes into this critical seat. We were overwhelmed by how many people shared their stories and cox tosses this week!”

Best Coxswain Toss Photo (presented by The 9thseat)

#UORowing #coxieappreciation #coxtoss

A photo posted by Austin Robison (@austinkrobison) on

What a toss! You'll join three-time Olympic medalist, Mary Whipple, for a live session on InstaViser to discuss everything rowing. She may even throw in some 9thseat swag!

Best Story about a Coxswain making the Win (presented by InstaViser)

Dear Amanda, happy Coxswain Appreciation Week! Thank you for being my coxswain all year long. You have coxed me through some of my favorite moments as a Duke and some of my most difficult ones. It takes a special kind of person to lead a boat full of crazy people like me but you do it beautifully. You can put a smile on my face when it feels like my whole body is on fire and you can help me find a little bit more when I thought I'd given it all. I think coxing is a beautiful thing because the world can be a critical place, but a coxswain's voice is one of the precious few that says, "You can do it, I believe in you." Thank you for being a source of positive leadership for me and the whole team. I'd take a ten for you any day boo(th) 😘❤🚣 #coxieappreciation

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Congratulations on telling a great story! 2004 Olympic gold medalist, Peter Cipollone would personally like to congratulate you and your coxswain in a private video Q&A session on

Prize Sponsors

Winners will receive a prize pack courtesy of our Coxswain Appreciation Week sponsors: The 9thseat, InstaViser, Catch & Feather, and Short & Snarky Rowing. Winners may contact Kirsten Spittel ( with any questions.


No boat needed!  Not all rowers are tall  Coxswain Story Runner-up  Baby coxswain   

Save the Date: The first annual Coach Appreciation Week is coming this fall. 

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USRowing is a nonprofit organization recognized by the United States Olympic Committee as the governing body for the sport of rowing in the United States. USRowing has 85,000 individual members and 1,300 member organizations, offering rowing programs for all. USRowing receives generous support from the National Rowing Foundation and its corporate sponsors and partners.

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InstaViser, founded by Peter Cipollone, connects world-class sports coaches with aspiring athletes of all ages and skill levels for online video coaching and mentorship.

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The 9th Seat is the brainchild of Mary Whipple. Mary is dedicated to give coxswains and rowers the resources to make confident decisions on the water and more importantly the skills to execute those decisions.

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Catch & Feather is a clothing and accessories brand for rowers and enthusiasts that aims to encourage participation in the sport and give back to underserved communities…while having some fun in the process.

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Two coxswains-turned-coaches with almost four collective decades of coxing experience and hundreds of races under their belts give the lowdown on coxing for mere mortals with their weekly podcast and book: The Short and Snarky Guide to Coxing & Rowing: Straight Talk on Coxing and Rowing from Real Coxswains.

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