Last Minute Tricks & Tips to Have the Best National Learn to Row Day

by Sarah Marshall, | May 26, 2016
The days are getting longer, kids are enjoying the first few days of summer vacation and rowers across the country are gearing up to introduce their sport to new athletes at the 15th Annual National Learn to Row Day on Saturday, June 4.

The days are getting longer, kids are enjoying the first few days of summer vacation and rowers across the country are gearing up to introduce their sport to new athletes at the 15th Annual National Learn to Row Day on Saturday, June 4.

A major event in the rowing calendar, the National Learn to Row Day event gives clubsScreen Shot 2016-02-04 at 3.20.23 PM the opportunity to open their boathouse doors and bring new rowers of all ages together in an effort to widen the positive effects that rowing can have.

"The amazing benefits of rowing are well known by the US Rowing community, and we at Row House understand these tremendous benefits,” said Eric Von Frolich, Co-Founder of Row House New York. “Our aim is to educate the mainstream population. For people to really take to rowing, they need to understand how to do it properly. Once that happens, they will grow to love and appreciate the beauty of the stroke the way all the rest of us do. At Row House, we enjoy teaching people how to get the most out of their stroke – and how to row together. One boat, one team, one house.”

Running a successful National Learn to Row Day can be a fun experience and  an opportunity for clubs to recruit as the popularity of rowing grows at an exponential rate across the country.

Here are some last minute tips to make sure your event is a success!

  • If your club registered with USRowing, be on the lookout for a package from us with materials for participants.

  • Check in and confirm with local papers or radio stations that they will be covering your event. Having a few talking points developed for them early will help with the coverage.

  • Post fliers in the area around the club, neighborhoods and local health clubs and grocery stores. This is the time to really start talking up your event!

  • Confirm coaches, volunteers and other logistics. Avoid the last-minute Costco run for water and snacks!

  • Post about the event on your Facebook page.

  • Don’t forget! Start checking your almanac! Developing an alternative weather plan ahead of time will save you a headache later.

Want to get in on the National Learn to Row Day action?! Send photos and videos of your event to and make sure to stay connected throughout the day on social media with the hashtag #NLTRD.

Looking for a program near you? With over 115 registered organizations, click here to see if someone is hosting near you!

Looking for some inspiration? Check out these testimonials from athletes who enjoyed their first National Learn to Row Day in 2015!

“Do not start to row unless you are prepared to get overwhelmed by the beauty of the sport and underwhelmed with your performance.”

-Silvina Garcia Rubio, Carnegie Lake Rowing Association

I¹ve always been a swimmer but never rowed, when my teen daughter took it up and asked me if I could do a learn to row class so we could try a double, I didn¹t hesitate.

Nowadays I tell anyone that will listen that my 6am rows feels like flying over water. To say it made a positive impact on my life would be an understatement. I lost close to 20 pounds and feel in better shape than I did ten years ago. Besides the physical benefits I have also felt a wonderful mental re-charge taking place when you are on the water and can enjoy nature and stunning sunrises. To be clear I was never really a morning person but rowing is so worth it.

-Nanda van Ginkel, Bergen County Rowing

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