USRowing Announces 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Roster

by Ed Moran, | Jun 24, 2016
The selection events are completed and the camp boat have been named. USRowing is pleased to announce the full roster of the team that will represent the United States at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.
ED1_5427PRINCETON, N.J. – The selection events are completed and the camp boats have been named. USRowing is pleased to announce the full roster that will represent the United States at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, pending final approval from the United States Olympic Committee.

Eleven crews – five men’s boats and six women’s – are set to begin competition in August including the women’s single sculls, women’s double sculls, lightweight men’s and women’s double sculls, men’s and women’s pair, women’s quadruple sculls, lightweight men’s four, men’s four and men’s and women’s eight.

Of the 41 athletes, 12 are returning Olympians. Twenty-eight have competed on previous senior national teams and one is a first-time senior national team athlete.

The selection of the 2016 team is a culmination of years of growth and focused resources that has been fine-tuned over the last four years to produce a team poised to rise to produce historic performances, said USRowing Chief Executive Officer Glenn Merry.

"I’ve been to five Olympics in various roles for USRowing, and every Olympic Games you see an escalation of talent; you see an escalation of what it takes to put your team on the playing field; you see an escalation in the resources that we put behind it," Merry said. "We have more infrastructure, more funding and more support for this group of athletes, as a team, as a whole working together, then we have ever had.

"The U.S. system has become more mature. This is a team where most of the athletes have been training together for the past four to six years. And what I’m really excited about is, across the board, these athletes are within reach of several medal opportunities."

Of the athletes listed, seven won medals at the 2012 Olympic Games; Logan and Musnicki won gold in the women’s eight, Kalmoe and Martelli return to the bronze-medal women’s quad, and Cole, Rummel and Ochal won bronze in the men’s four.

In addition, Kasprzyk rowed in the men’s eight in London, Tomek competed in the women’s double in Beijing and Stone rowed in the women’s single in London. Polk was an alternate in 2012. Logan and Kalmoe are the sole returning two-time Olympians having competed in the gold-medal women’s eight and the women’s double sculls in Beijing, respectively.

The U.S. won three medals at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. The men's four won bronze; the U.S. women’s quad also won bronze in London and is the defending world champion, while the U.S. women’s eight seeks a historic 11th-consecutive world/Olympic title in Rio.

Rowing at the 2016 Olympic Games begins August 6 and runs through August 13. The site of the 2016 Olympic Rowing events is the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon. For more information about important USRowing dates, #RowToRio, the 2016 Olympic Games selection process and Olympic athlete bios, visit

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Name, Boat Position, Hometown, Club Affiliation

Women’s Single Sculls
Gevvie Stone (Newton, Mass) Cambridge Boat Club *

Women’s Double Sculls
Ellen Tomek (s) (Flushing, Mich.) USTC – Oklahoma City, New York Athletic Club **
Meghan O’Leary (b) (Baton Rouge, La.) USTC –  Oklahoma City, New York Athletic Club

Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls
Andrew Campbell, Jr. (s) (New Canaan, Conn.) Cambridge Boat Club
Joshua Konieczny (b) (Millbury, Ohio) Cambridge Boat Club

Lightweight Women’s Double Sculls
Kate Bertko (s) (Oakland, Calif.) Vesper Boat Club
Devery Karz (b) (Salt Lake City, Utah) Vesper Boat Club

Men’s Pair
Nareg Guregian (s) (North Hills, Calif.) USTC - Princeton
Anders Weiss (b) (Barrington, R.I.) USTC - Princeton

Women's Pair
Grace Luczak (s) (Ann Arbor, Mich.) USTC – Princeton
Felice Mueller (b) (Cleveland, Ohio) USTC – Princeton

Lightweight Men’s Four
Robin Prendes (s) (Miami, Fla.) USTC - Oklahoma City *
Tyler Nase (3) (Phoenixville, Pa.) USTC - Oklahoma City
Edward King (2) (Ironton, Mo.) USTC - Oklahoma City
Anthony Fahden (b) (Lafayette, Calif.) USTC - Oklahoma City *

Men’s Four
Seth Weil (s) (Menlo Park, Calif.) USTC - Princeton
Henrik Rummel (3) (Pittsford, N.Y.) USTC - Princeton *
Matt Miller (2) (Springfield, Va.) USTC - Princeton
Charlie Cole (b) (New Canaan, Conn.) USTC - Princeton *

Women’s Quadruple Sculls
Adrienne Martelli (s) (University Place, Wash.) USTC - Princeton *
Grace Latz (3) (Jackson, Mich.) USTC - Princeton
Tracy Eisser (2) (Fair Lawn, N.J.) USTC - Princeton
Megan Kalmoe (b) (St. Croix Falls, Wis.) USTC - Princeton **

Men’s Eight
Sam Ojserkis (c) (Linwood, N.J.) USTC - Princeton
Austin Hack (8) (Old Lyme, Conn.) USTC - Princeton
Rob Munn (7) (Redmond, Wash.) USTC - Princeton
Mike DiSanto (6) (Boston, Mass.) USTC - Princeton
Steve Kasprzyk (5) (Cinnaminson, N.J.) USTC - Princeton *
Glenn Ochal (4) (Philadelphia, Pa.) USTC - Princeton *
Alex Karwoski (3) (Hollis, N.H.) USTC - Princeton
Hans Struzyna (2) (Kirkland, Wash.) USTC - Princeton
Sam Dommer (b) (Folsom, Calif.) USTC - Princeton

Women’s Eight
Katelin Snyder (c) (Detroit, Mich.) USTC – Princeton
Amanda Elmore (8) (West Lafayette, Ind.) USTC – Princeton
Eleanor Logan (7) (Boothbay Harbor, Maine) USTC – Princeton **
Meghan Musnicki (6) (Naples, N.Y.) USTC – Princeton *
Tessa Gobbo (5) (Chesterfield, N.H.) USTC – Princeton
Lauren Schmetterling (4) (Moorestown, N.J.) USTC – Princeton
Emily Regan (3) (Buffalo, N.Y.) USTC – Princeton
Kerry Simmonds (2) (San Diego, Calif.) USTC – Princeton
Amanda Polk (b) (Pittsburgh, Pa.) USTC – Princeton

* Indicates 2012 Olympian
** Indicates 2008 and 2012 Olympian

William Daly (Vail, Colo.) USTC – Oklahoma City **
Thomas Dethlefs (Lawrenceville, N.J.) USTC – Princeton
Olivia Coffey (Watkins Glen, N.Y.) USTC – Princeton
Victoria Opitz (Middleton, Wis.) USTC – Princeton

Coaching Staff
Cameron Kiosoglous,
Lightweight Men’s Four
Laurel Korholz, Women’s Quadruple Sculls
Kris Korzeniowski, Men’s Pair    
Lucas McGee, Men’s Eight    
John Parker, Lightweight Women’s Double Sculls
Scott Roop, Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls
Kevin Sauer, Women’s Double Sculls
Gregg Stone, Women’s Single Sculls
Thomas Terhaar, Women’s Eight, Women’s Pair
Bryan Volpenhein, Men’s Four

Support Staff
Jo Hannafin,
Team Physician
Matthew Imes,
Brett Johnson,
Curtis Jordan,
Alicia Lamb,
Team Physical Therapist
Deirdre McLoughlin,
Team Physical Therapist
Glenn Merry,
Ed Moran,
Marc Nowak,
Team Physical Therapist
Erin O'Connell,
Kendall Schmidt,
Margaret Soutter,
Michael Zimmer,
Team Leader

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