World Championships Camp Boats Named

by Ed Moran, | Jul 28, 2014
With the final competition to determine the last four crews to compete at the 2014 World Rowing Championships set for next week, USRowing is pleased to announce the names of the athletes selected to the team from men’s and women’s training camps.
PRINCETON, N.J. – With the final competition to determine the last four crews to compete at the 2014 World Rowing Championships set for next week, USRowing is pleased to announce the names of the athletes selected to the team from the men’s and women’s training camps to compete in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

In addition to the boats named in camp, four crews have officially accepted their nominations to the team after top performances at the second world cup on Lake Aiguebelette, France, including the women’s single sculls, the women’s double sculls, the women’s pair and the lightweight men’s double sculls.

Accepting nominations to the team in the woman’s double after taking silver in France were Ellen Tomek (Flushing, Mich.) and Meghan O’Leary (Baton Rouge, La.). Accepting nominations to the team in the women’s pair after a silver medal performance at world cup II was Kerry Simmonds (San Diego, Calif.) and Megan Kalmoe (St. Croix Falls, Wis.).
Accepting nominations with a fourth place finish were Josh Konieczny (Millbury, Ohio) and Austin Meyer (Cohoes, N.Y.) and accepting her nomination in the women’s single after finishing fifth on Lake Aiguebelette was Gevvie Stone (Newton, Mass.).

Among the 80 athletes named from the camps, through world cup competition or the 2014 Senior 1 World Championship Trials, 19 are former Olympians, Olympic spares or Paralympians, 30 have been on prior senior world championship teams, seven competed on U.S. under 23 teams and 24 are new to the U.S. national team.
Beginning Monday on Mercer Lake in West Windsor, N.J., the four remaining crews will be selected following racing in their respective events at the Senior World Championship Trials II. The featured events are the men’s single sculls, the men’s double sculls, the men’s pair and the lightweight women’s double sculls.

Eleven crews have already been named to the team following Senior 1 World Championship Trials, including the lightweight men’s and women’s single sculls, the men’s quadruple sculls, the lightweight men’s and women’s quadruple sculls, the men’s pair with coxswain, the lightweight men’s pair and the lightweight men’s eight.

In the para-rowing events, crews earned berths to the team during trials including the men’s and women’s arms and shoulders single sculls, the trunk and arms mixed double, and the legs, trunk and arms mixed double. In addition, the legs, trunk and arms four with coxswain was selected from the para-rowing camp.

Earning places on the squad at trials in the men’s and women’s lightweight single sculls were Andrew Campbell, Jr. (New Canaan, Conn.) and Kate Bertko (Oakland, Calif.).

Winning trials in the men’s quad was Peter Graves (Cincinnati, Ohio), Stephen Whelpley (Moquon, Wis.), John Graves (Cincinnati, Ohio) and Benjamin Dann (Pound Ridge, N.Y.). Named to the team in the lightweight men’s quadruple sculls were Andrew Neils (Manhattan, Kansas), Peter Schmidt (Providence, R.I.), Jacob Georgeson (North Olmsted, Ohio) and Kyle Lafferty (Hockessin, Del.).

Earning a place in the lightweight women’s quadruple sculls was the crew of Hillary Saeger (Dedham, Mass.), Helen Tompkins (Friendswood, Texas.), Sarah Giancola (Buffalo, N.Y.) and Mary Jones (Huntsville, Ala.).

Also named to the team in trials were Jack Carlson (Weston, Mass.), Taylor Brown (Winter Park, Fla.) and Henry Hoffstot (Ligonier, Pa.) in the men’s pair with coxswain; Michael Wales (Seattle, Wash.) and Tyler Nase (Phoenixville, Pa.) in the lightweight men’s pair.

And in the lightweight men’s eight were Stephen Young (Tampa, Fla.), Kyle Traub (Eastham, Mass.), Andrew Hakanson (Newtown Square, Pa.), Josh Getz (Ann Arbor, Mich.), Matthew O’Leary (Westwood, Mass.), Joseph Hanlon (Washington D.C.), Dan Kirrane (Rockville Centre, N.Y.), Peter Gibson (Belmont, Mass.) and Andrew Weiland (Upper Arlington, Ohio).

Earning places in para-rowing trials were Blake Haxton (Columbus, Ohio) in the arms and shoulder men’s single sculls; Katelynn Steinke (Yarmouth Port, Mass.) in the women’s arms and shoulders single sculls; Jaden Thoennes (Bloomington, Ill.) and Callum Borchers (Franklin, Mass.) in the trunks and arms mixed double sculls and Andrew Johnson (Riverside, Conn.) and Stephanie Cox (Raleigh, N.C.) in the legs, trunks and arms mixed double sculls.

Named to the para-rowing team from camp was the legs, trunk and arms four with coxswain crew of coxswain Jenny Sichel (Clifton, N.J.), Ricky Vandegrift (Cincinnati, Ohio), Zachary Burns (Ann Arbor, Mich.), Danielle Hansen (Paterson, Calif.) and Jaclyn Smith (Williston Park, N.Y.).

All of the athletes named to the team, and those that win at trials next week, will compete at the World Rowing Championships, August 24-September 1, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Current 2014 Senior National Team Roster

Name                  Birthdate        Ht.    Wt.    Hometown        

Women’s Single Sculls (W1x)

Gevvie Stone    7/11/85    6’0”    157    Newton, Mass.

Lightweight Men’s Single Sculls (LM1x)

Andrew Campbell, Jr.     2/2/1992    5’10”    155    New Canaan, Conn.

Lightweight Women’s Single Sculls (W1x)

Kate Bertko   11/8/83    5’9”    128    Oakland,  Calif.

Women’s Double Sculls (W2x)

Ellen Tomek (s)    5/1/84    5’10”    160    Flushing, Mich.

Meghan O’Leary (b)    8/24/84    6’0”    165    Baton Rouge, La.

Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls (LM2x)

Josh Konieczny (s)   5/26/91    5’10”    155    Millbury, Ohio.
Austin Meyer (b)    6/23/90     5’11”    152 Cohoes, N.Y.

Women’s Pair (W2-)

Kerry Simmonds (s)    4/3/89    6’0”    189    San Diego, Calif.

Megan Kalmoe (b)    8/21/83    5’10”    160    St. Croix Falls, Wis.

Men’s Pair With Coxswain (M2+)

Jack Carlson (c)    5/22/87    5’8”     121    Weston, Mass.
Taylor Brown (s)    6/23/87    6’4”    205    Winter Park, Fla.

Henry Hoffstot (b)   9/23/90    6’4”    190    Ligonier, Pa.

Lightweight Men’s Pair (LM2-)

Michael Wales (s)    7/18/91    6’1”    150    Seattle, Wash.

Tyler Nase (b)    8/30/90    6’0”    155    Phoenixville, Pa.

Men’s Quadruple Sculls (M4x)
Benjamin Dann (s)    11/26/90    5’10”    185    Pound Ridge, N.Y.
John Graves (3)     3/26/88     6’0”    180    Cincinnati, Ohio.
Stephen Whelpley (2)    3/23/83    6’4”    205    Mequon, Wis.

Peter Graves (b)    10/25/84    6’2”    175    Cincinnati, Ohio.  

Women’s Quadruple Sculls (W4x)

Felice Mueller (s)   10/15/89    6’1”    155    Cleveland, Ohio
Tracy Eisser (3)   11/20/89    6’1”    185    Fair Lawn, N.J.
Grace Latz (2)   2/21/88    6’0”   172    Jackson, Mich.

Olivia Coffey (b)   1/29/89    6’1”    170    Watkins Glen, N.Y.

Lightweight Men’s Quadruple Sculls (LM4x)

Kyle Lafferty (s)    12/24/87    6’0”    160    Hockessin, Del.
Jacob Georgeson (3)    3/20/87    5’11”    154    North Olmsted, Ohio.
Peter Schmidt (2)    2/20/89    6’0”    155    Providence, R.I.
Andrew Neils (b)    6/27/85    5’11”    153    Manhattan, Kansas.

Lightweight Women’s Quadruple Sculls (LW4x)

Mary Jones (s)    8/25/86    5’7”    128     Huntsville, Ala.
Sarah Giancola (3)    8/15/90    5’5”    126    Buffalo, N.Y.
Helen Tompkins (2)    1/2/88    5’10”    130    Friendswood, Texas.
Hillary Saeger (b)    9/25/84    5’5”    125    Dedham, Mass.

Lightweight Men’s Four (LM4-)

Robin Prendes (s)    12/13/88    6’1”    155    Miami, Fla.
Edward King (3)    6/14/89    6’4”    160 Ironton, Mo.
William Daly (2)    8/2/83    6’3”    160    Vail, Colo.
Anthony Fahden (b)    2/2/86    5’11”    155    Lafayette, Calif.

Men’s Four (M4-)

Seth Weil (s)    3/9/87   6’6”    215    Menlo Park, Calif.
Henrik Rummel (3)    9/26/87    6’5”    208    Pittsford, N.Y.
Michael Gennaro (2)    3/11/89    6’3”    185    Havertown, Penn.

Grant James (b)    8/17/87    6’5”    195    DeKalb, Ill.

Women’s Four (W4-)

Adrienne Martelli    12/3/87    6’1”    175 University Place, Wash.
Tessa Gobbo    12/8/90    6’1”    180    Chesterfield, N.H.
Susan Francia    11/8/82    6’2”    175    Abington, Pa.
Emily Regan    6/10/88    6’2”    185    Buffalo, N.Y    

Men’s Eight (M8+)

Zach Vlahos (c)    8/19/88        5’9”    121    Piedmont, Calif.
Thomas Dethlefs (8)    5/6/90        6’6”    200    Lawrenceville, N.J.
Nareg Guregian (7)    1/20/89        6’5”    213    North Hills, Calif.
Matthew Miller (6)    1/13/89    6’6”    210    Fairfax, Va.
Rob Munn (5)    7/26/90    6’4”    210    Redmond, Wash.
Austin Hack (4)    5/17/92    6’8”    210    Old Lyme, Conn.
Steven Kasprzyk (3)    2/14/82    6’7”    215    Cinnaminson, N.J.
David Banks (2)    8/30/83    6’2”    192    Potomac, Md.
Sam Dommer (b)    9/4/91    6’3”    196    Folsom, Calif.              

Women’s Eight (W8+)

Katelin Snyder (c)    6/16/87        5’4”    120    Detroit, Mich.
Heidi Robbins (s)    7/3/91    6’2”    178    Hanover, N.H.
Eleanor Logan (7)    12/27/87    6’2”    175    Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Caroline Lind (6)    10/11/82    6’0”    175 Greensboro, N.C.
Grace Luczak (5)    5/24/89    6’3”    165    Ann Arbor, Mich
Lauren Schmetterling (4)    8/3/88    5’11”    170    Moorestown, N.J.
Vicky Opitz (3)    6/5/88    5’11”    157    Middleton, Wis.
Meghan Musnicki (2)    2/5/83    5’11”    175    Naples, N.Y.
Amanda Polk (b)    8/2/86    5’11”    175    Pittsburgh, Pa.

Lightweight Men’s Eight (LM8+)

Stephen Young (c)    1/8/87    5’8”    119    Tampa, Fla.
Andrew Weiland (s)    10/23/90    5’11”    155    Upper Arlington, Ohio.
Peter Gibson (7)    4/20/91    6’3”    160    Belmont, Mass.
Dan Kirrane (6)    2/7/90    6’2”    155    Rockville Centre, N.Y.
Joseph Hanlon (5)    12/20/91    5’11”    154    Washington D.C.
Matthew O’Leary (4)    9/19/90    5’11”    155    Westwood, Mass.
Josh Getz (3)    7/3/90    5’11”    154    Ann Arbor, Mich.
Andrew Hakanson (2)    2/4/89    6’1”    160    Newtown Square, Pa.
Kyle Traub  (b)    7/7/89    5’10”    155    Eastham, Mass.

Men’s Arms and Shoulders Single Sculls

Blake Haxton    12/17/1990    3’2”    150    Columbus, Ohio.

Women’s Arms and Shoulders Single Sculls

Katelynn Steinke    1/21/87    5’10”    150    East Falmouth, Mass.

Trunk and Arms Mixed Double Sculls

Jaden Thoennes (s)    9/6/85    5’1”    Cambridge, Mass.
Callum Borchers (b)    3/10/87    5’8”    135    Franklin, Mass.    

Legs, Trunk and Arms Mixed Double Sculls

Andrew Johnson (s)    3/18/90    5’10”    150    Riverside, Conn..
Stephanie Cox (b)    11/22/84    5’7”    135    Raleigh, N.C.

Legs, Trunk and Arms Four with Coxswain

Jenny Sichel (c)                                  Clifton, N.J.
Ricky Vandegrift (s)                         Cincinnati, Ohio          
Zachary Burns (3)                            Ann Arbor. Mich.
Danielle Hansen (2)                         Paterson, Calif.    
Jaclyn Smith (b)                                 Williston Park, N.Y.

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