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USRowing Announces 2012 Women’s Freshman Camp Acceptances

by Allison Frederick | Apr 16, 2012
USRowing is pleased to announce that 24 athletes have been accepted to the 2012 Women’s Freshman Camp June 11-17 in Seattle, Wash.
PRINCETON, N.J. – USRowing is pleased to announce that 24 athletes have been accepted to the 2012 Women’s Freshman Camp June 11-17 in Seattle, Wash.

Hosted by the University of Washington and coached by UW women’s varsity assistant coach Conor Bullis, the camp is geared toward athletes with elite level potential and aspirations, but who have only one or two years of rowing experience. The goal of this camp is to expose the athlete to the U.S. National Team experience training 2-3 times per day, rowing in many boat categories, learning technical and physiological basics and training with athletes of a similar caliber.

Accepted Athletes

Brianna Achs – University of Iowa
Erin Boxberger – University of Notre Dame
Rebecca Braak – University of Minnesota
Erin Brogan – University of Kansas
Ellen Burr – Boston College
Caitlin Byrnes – Stanford University
Kyla Cook – Georgetown University
Sarah Dierksen – University of California, Los Angeles
Stephanie Ding – University of California
Michelle Evers – Sacramento State University
Kellyn Freire – Loyola Marymount University *
Emma Kaufman – Wellesley College *
Hannah Lindgren – Bucknell University
Amy Ludovici – Syracuse University
Elizabeth Mathews – Oklahoma City University
Erin Meyer – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Anne Rauschert – University of Wisconsin
Kathryn Roach – Cornell University
Olivia Sayvetz – Princeton University *
Elizabeth Shoenfeldt – University of Wisconsin
Jacquelin Stein – University of Minnesota *
Anastasia Stodolski – Florida Institute of Technology
Elizabeth Turner – University of Southern California
Elizabeth Vincent – Yale University

Wait List

Bennett Collier – Saint Mary’s College of California *
Laura Collins – Georgetown University
Margaret Freed – Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Emily Hofmeister – Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Samantha Otterson – University of Minnesota
Jane Petoskey – University of Michigan
Hannah Sherman – University of Michigan *
Caroline Walton – Hamilton College

* coxswains

About USRowing
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