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One League Closer To The Top

by Ed Moran | Jun 27, 2012
PRINCETON, N.J. – For most athletes in the United States that aspire to row at the highest levels of international competition in rowing, like the senior national and Olympic teams, there is a process.
PRINCETON, N.J. – For most athletes in the United States that aspire to row at the highest levels of international competition in rowing, like the senior national and Olympic teams, there is a process.

It starts in junior and high school clubs, progresses to the junior national team, college and university rowing and, with only a few exceptions, the under 23 world championship squad. It’s rowing’s AAA league for future champions.

“I believe it is,” said Frank Biller, who coaches the University of Virginia Rowing Association’s lightweight men’s single sculler, Jonathan Furlong. “In Europe, and the other countries, it is definitely an important part of the development track of the athletes. In the U.S., a lot of that is being done at the collegiate level, but under 23 gives them the opportunity to row with other people and work with other coaches and race faster competition than they will ever see.

“For (the United States) it’s particularly important, and I’m glad to see that under 23 has gotten a lot more popular and USRowing has pushed it more to make it more attractive.”

This morning on Mercer Lake in West Windsor, N.J., 15 crews moved closer to their international dreams by earning berths to the team that will represent the United States at the 2012 World Rowing Under 23 Championships July 11-15 in Trakai, Lithuania, during trials racing on Mercer Lake in West Windsor, N.J.

And among them was Virginia’s Furlong, who won his event in a time of 7:17.743.

Yet to be named to the team are the six crews being selected from USRowing selection camps, including the men’s and women’s eight, men’s four, lightweight men’s four, and women’s quadruple sculls. The naming date for those boats is July 1. The naming date for the men’s quadruple sculls has been extended to June 6.

Wining this morning in the first race of the men’s double sculls was Maritime Rowing Club’s Michael Donohue and Chris Massey, who finished first in a time of 6:31.135. They were followed by the Maritime entry of John Madura and Matthew Schanck in a time of 6:33.930. The crew of Donohue and Massey declined their bid to concentrate on the quad selection camp and the bid rolled down to Madura and Schanck.

In the women’s double sculls, the unaffiliated crew of Cara Linnenkohl and Carli Goldberg won in a time of 7:12.247. The University of Virginia teammates were on the squad that won the 2012 NCAA Championships this spring and together won both the intermediate and senior women’s double at the USRowing Club National Championships last year.

“It’s exciting,” Linnenkohl said. “We have a lot of training to do, but it’s really exciting.”

Goldberg agreed. “We have a lot of work to do, but we know what we need to improve on, so we’re just going to train from here.”

That event was followed by the men’s and women’s pairs. For the men, University of Wisconsin/Stanford entry of Austin Hack and Tim Aghai won in a time of 6:39.133.

It was their second attempt at making a 2012 United States National Team this month. Hack and Aghai rowed in the 2012 Olympic Trials – Rowing, advancing to the semifinal. Both were in the eight that won a gold medal at the 2011 World Rowing Under 23 Championships.

“I thought Tim and I had a pretty decent race to get through, and after winning the under 23 eight last year, we wanted to try something different,” said Hack.

“We wanted to see what we can do,” added Aghai. “There hasn’t been a U.S. under 23 pair in the finals in a while, I believe, and I don’t think we have ever won a medal, so we’ll give it a go. I mean, why not?”

The women’s event had some of the fastest racing of the morning between two boats from the USRowing Under 23 Selection Camp. Finishing first by a tenth of a second was the entry of Anna Kaminski and Rose Poppa in 7:37.236, followed by Catherine Ashton and Brandy Herald in 7:37.337.

The men’s single sculls was won by Nereid Boat Club’s Christopher Buesser in a time of 7:19.154. Earning the right to represent the United States in the women’s single was Craftsbury Sculling Center’s Madison Lips, finishing in a 7:44.681.

In the lightweight doubles sculls events, the Cambridge Boat Club/Long Beach Junior Crew composite entry of Nick Trojan and Austin Meyer won the men’s event in a time of 6:18.838. Vesper Boat Club women’s entry of Kayla McNeill and Solveig Imsdahl won in 7:24.958.

The lightweight men’s pair event was won by Potomac Boat Club’s David Mahaney and John Devlin in a time of 7:07.338.

The women’s lightweight single was won by the unaffiliated entry of Alexandra Morss in a time of 8:19.591.

The men’s four with coxswains event saw some tight racing with the Seattle Area Rowing Association’s B entry edging the Seattle Area Rowing Center’s A entry in a time of 6:09.627 to 6:09.970.

In the women’s four, the USRowing Selection Camp entry won in a time of 6:52.181. They were followed by the lightweight men’s quad event, which was won by Malta Boat Club in a time of 6:04.648.

In the final event of the morning, the lightweight women’s quad, the G.M.S. Rowing Center entry won in a time of 6:46.799.


M2x: 1. Maritime (Donohue, Massey), 6:31.135; 2. Maritime (Madura, Schanck), 6:33.930; 3. Phila Sculling (Ramsey, Allen), 6:35.539.

W2x: 1. Unaffiliated (Goldberg, Linnenkohl), 7:12.247; 2. Dev Camp Wisco (Whitehouse, Heywood), 7:21.987; 3. Craftsbury (Wettstein, Hamrick), 7:26.652.

M2-: 1. Wisco (Hack, Aghai), 6:39.133; 2. West Side (Crimmen, Hamp), 6:45.358; 3. Dev Camp NE (Underhill, Weaser), 6:48.205.

W2-: 1. USRowing (Kaminski, Poppa), 7:37.236; 2. USRowing (Ashton, Herrald), 7:37.337; 3. Craftsbury (Sonshine, Sive), 7:49.536.

M1x: 1. Nereid (Buesser), 7:19.154; 2. Three Rivers (Delbarba), 7:23.454; 3. Delvecchio, 7:45.269.

W1x: 1. Craftsbury (Lips), 7:44.681; 2. Craftsbury (Roche), 7:52.503; 3. Seattle (Miles), 7:53.963.

LW2x: 1. Vesper (McNeill, Imsdahl), 7:24.958; 2. Dev Camp Wisco (Knight, Ruenger), 7:34.879; 3. Sagamore (Bielawski, Catalanotto), 7:40.549.

LM2x: 1. CBC/LBJC (Nick Trojan, Austin Meyer), 6:18.838.

LM2-: 1. Potomac (Mahaney, Devlin), 7:07.338; 2. Rochester (Pedersen, Prosack), 7:17.715.

LM1x: 1. Virginia (Furlong), 7:17.743; 2. Undine (Ingram), 7:18.846; 3. Steel City (Maddamma), 7:21.861.

LW1x: 1. Morss, 8:19.591; 2. Vesper (Sager), 8:22.117; 3. GMS Rowing (Wohlrab), 9:06.934.

M4+: 1. Seattle Area (Mannisto), 6:09.627; 2. Seattle Area (Juckett), 6:09.970; 3. Boston U (Gioulekas), 6:16.241.

W4-: 1. USRowing (McDermott), 6:52.181; 2. Vesper (Lorei), 7:06.060.

LM4x: 1. Malta (Stone), 6:04.648; 2. Vesper (Fanning), 6:12.456; 3. Atlanta (Ward), 6:16.216.

LW4x: 1. GMS Rowing (Brecht), 6:46.799, 2. Vesper (Beckner), 6:48.082.

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Following the event, the race videos will be available to download at Click the “Buy Now” link next to the race of your choice to be directed to payment and download information, powered by Amazon.

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