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Washington, Cornell and Harvard-Radcliffe Top the USRowing Preseason Polls

by Ed Moran, Photo by Allison Frederick. | Mar 25, 2015
The University of Washington led the USRowing preseason varsity men’s eight poll, while Cornell University topped the lightweight men’s varsity eight preseason poll and Harvard-Radcliffe University captured the lightweight women’s varsity eight preseason poll.


 The University of Washington topped the preseason USRowing men's varsity eight poll.

The University of Washington led the USRowing preseason varsity men’s eight poll, while Cornell University topped the lightweight men’s varsity eight preseason poll and Harvard-Radcliffe University captured the lightweight women’s varsity eight preseason poll.

Washington earned seven first-place votes and the University of California earned two to place second. Harvard University had one first-place vote and took the third spot. Princeton University and Brown University rounded out the top five in the men’s varsity eight poll.

In the lightweight men’s poll, Cornell scored five first-place votes to finish first, followed in the second spot by Yale University, which had one first-place vote. Columbia University earned two first-place votes, but finished in the third spot. Harvard University was fourth and Princeton University finished fifth.

Harvard-Radcliffe earned six first-place votes to top the lightweight women’s varsity eight poll, followed in the second spot by Boston University, which earned one first-place vote. Stanford University finished in third place in the poll and the University of Wisconsin was fourth. Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Princeton University tied for the fifth spot.

Men’s Varsity Eight
Team (1st-Place Votes), Points

1. University of Washington (7), 195
2. University of California (2), 189
3. Harvard University (1), 172
4. Princeton University, 169
5. Brown University, 157
6. Yale University, 156
7. Northeastern University, 149
8. Boston University, 122
9 Cornell University, 117
10. United States Naval Academy, 112
11. University of Wisconsin, 102
12. Stanford University, 80
13. University of Pennsylvania, 70
14 Syracuse University, 50
15. Dartmouth College, 38
16. Florida Institute of Technology, 37
17. Oregon State University, 36
18. Drexel University, 27
19. Columbia University, 25
20. Georgetown University, 23

Others Receiving Votes: George Washington University 20, College of the Holy Cross 12, Hobart College 4, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 3, Gonzaga University 1, Temple University 1, University of San Diego 1.

(This week’s men’s eight voters: Craig Amerkhanian, James Barr, Michael Callahan, Chris Clark, Paul Cooke, Brooks Dagman, Robert Friedrich, Greg Hughes, Greg Myhr, John Pojednic)

Lightweight Men’s Varsity Eight
Team (1st-Place Votes), Points

1. Cornell University (5), 138
2. Yale University (1), 129
3. Columbia University (2), 126
4. Harvard University, 124
5. Princeton University, 121
6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 113
7. United States Naval Academy, 106
8. University of Delaware, 104
9. Dartmouth College, 98
10. Georgetown University, 72
11. University of Pennsylvania, 70
12 Mercyhurst University, 69
13. Purdue University, 41
14. Georgia Institute of Technology, 23
15. St. Joseph’s University, 17
Others receiving votes: University of California, Santa Barbara 15, Pennsylvania State University 15, University of California 15, George Washington University 7, Michigan State University 6.

(This week’s lightweight men’s eight voters: Michiel Bartman, Andy Card, Martin Crotty, Colin Farrell, Sean Healey, Christopher Kerber, Adrian Spracklen, Nich Lee Parker)

Lightweight Women’s Varsity Eight
Team (1st-Place Votes), Points

1. Harvard-Radcliffe University (6), 139
2. Boston University    (1), 132
3. Stanford University, 121    
4. University of Wisconsin, 115    
5t. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 107    
5t. Princeton University, 107    
7. Bucknell University, 91    
8t. Villanova University, 83    
8t. Georgetown University, 83    
10. University of Tulsa, 81
11. Tufts University, 28    
12. Oklahoma City University, 18    
13. University of Massachusetts, 16
14. University of California, 15    
15. Washington State University, 12    

Others receiving votes:
Purdue University 9, Temple University 9, Lafayette University, 8.    

(This week’s lightweight women’s eight voters: Lou Berl, Derek Byrnes, Malcolm Doldron, Claire Martin-Doyle, Rodney Mott, Paul Rassam, Lisa Schlenker)

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