Referee Tips

  • Best Smartphone Apps for Rowing Referees

    Jan 30, 2015
    Many rowing veterans will tell you that nothing beats a good, trustworthy stopwatch, but that doesn’t mean that the smartphone in your pocket can’t be of great use while refereeing or being out on the water. Here is some advice from our own referees.
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  • Proposed rules changes for the 2015 USRowing Rules of Rowing

    Oct 01, 2014
    Each year the Referee Committee receives proposals for modifying the USRowing Rules of Rowing. These follow the format found in the front of the Rule Book. This year, in addition to receiving several proposed rule changes, the Referee Committee received an extensive proposal to re-structure the Rules of Rowing into three parts: Rules - designed for competitors and coaches; a Referee Procedures Manual - designed for USRowing officials; and an LOC Manual - designed to assist event organizers in structuring and running successful events.
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  • Megaphone Weight Loss Plan – Lose Two Pounds in 20 Minutes!

    Apr 02, 2014
    Have you ever spent hours holding a megaphone at practice or on race day, only to wind up with sore and aching wrists? It is a problem many referees face and that many coaches face as well.
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  • Adjusted Weigh-in Window Clarification Language

    Mar 20, 2014
    The USRowing Referee Committee recognized that the recently promulgated language in Section 4-106 (a) and the definition of "Adjusted Weigh-in Window" in the 2014 Rules of Rowing needed to be clarified. The USRowing Board of Directors approved the following memo earlier this month.
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  • Camden County Boathouse Hosts Regional Referee Academy

    Mar 19, 2014
    Camden County Boathouse was the scene for the latest Philadelphia Regional Referee Academy on Sunday, March 4, 2014.
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  • Attention. Go. But Not Before Understanding the New Rules

    Apr 25, 2012
    Almost anyone who has been to a rowing regatta has experienced standing at the finish line long after an event was scheduled and wondering why there aren’t any boats coming down the course. In most of those situations, there were problems getting the race started. It frequently happens with novice events, or on days when wind or river currents make it difficult for crews to get their bows pointed and boats lined up.
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  • Solving the Challenge of Floating Alignments

    May 01, 2008
    Aligning crews at the starting line without benefit of stake boats or a launch platform is always difficult, especially when wind, current or tides are in play.
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  • Rules Changes for 2007 -- A Summary

    Oct 01, 2007
    The beginning of each year is always an opportunity to change and improve our lives.
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  • Notes From the Field: Trials Are Different!

    Oct 01, 2007
    In the past six months, I have had the opportunity to referee at many different venues, from local Tampa regattas to the Stotesburys in Philadelphia. While each event was unique, the most unusual was the Under 23 World Championship trials at Lake Mercer.
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  • Regattas from the Perspective of a Newly Licensed Ref

    Jun 01, 2007
    The sport of rowing is in dire need of additional referees, so we asked one of our newest referees to give us his perspective on what it is like to see a regatta from his viewpoint. Bob Weiss of Tampa, Fla., was licensed earlier this year.
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