Referee Tips

  • Trash Talkin’ -- Not in Our Sport

    May 01, 2007
    Among the hallmarks and traditions of rowing is good sportsmanship. A quiet “good race” or “well-rowed” among competitors is commonplace, as are congratulations and a handshake upon return to the dock. This aspect of rowing is one that keeps many of us involved in the sport, whether as a competitor, coach, or referee.
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  • Regatta Organization: Who is Who and Why?

    Mar 01, 2007
    As the racing season is starting, it is a good time to talk about the relationship between the local organizing committee, the competitors and the referees.
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  • Restoring the Fairness of the Race

    Feb 01, 2007
    You just finished fourth in a hard-fought heat, about two lengths back from the third-place finisher.
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  • Judging the Fairness of the Race

    Jan 01, 2007
    The capability to remain within your own lane through proper steering is one of the technical skills to be mastered by all competitive rowers.
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  • Ensuring the Fairness of the Race

    Dec 01, 2006
    In 2,000-meter sprint racing, crews race side-by-side to determine who can reach the finish in the shortest time.
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  • Volunteers and Regatta Organization

    Nov 01, 2006
    As the fall racing season is in full bloom, it is a good time to talk about one of the keys to a successful event, the volunteers.
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  • The Control Commission

    Aug 01, 2006
    That thing called the control commission can be an enigma to competitors. And yet, the control commission will have an impact on your race day. This article is intended to explain and clarify the function of the commission.
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  • Let's Go to the Videotape

    Jul 01, 2006
    Well actually, let’s not. Despite Warner Wolf’s signature tagline (ask someone from NYC), there is no specific provision in the Rules of Rowing that requires video recording equipment at the finish line. Rule 2-104 (4) & (5) refers to the responsibility of the Chief Judge and other referees to inspect “photographic records” in making their determinations of the order of finish.
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  • Who is This Commission and What Do They Control?

    Apr 01, 2006
    This article is an introduction to control commission. We will be following up later with more information on the rules behind the duties of the position.
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  • The Body of the Race

    Mar 01, 2006
    Once your boat has left the breakage zone, which is the first 100 meters in a buoyed course or the first 20 seconds in a non-buoyed course, you have entered what is considered the body of the race. This continues until your bow ball has broken the plane of the finish line.
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